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2. School-house over the water

So here it is. We are jumping right into a somewhat complicated process. It wanted to come now. Simpler ways will appear in future posts. 

In a very early hour of the morning of April the 22ndI made this drawing. I woke up with pain in my foot. 

Hidden content shows itself

Blood in school

The drawing is an intuitive drawing. I won’t get into how to make an intuitive drawing now. First of all you can read about it in my website. Second, There will be an even better description of this process in my book which is on its way. Maybe I’ll explain more in other posts too. It all depends on the fun. For now I can tell you that I did not have any plan. I did not know what I was drawing and I only followed my sense of beauty. Why do anything that is less than beautiful, as I experience it?

When it was finished I let it rest for a while. A day later I looked at it and collected words that just came to me as I was looking. The waiting is not necessary. You can do it immediately after you finish the drawing. I did not try to think or organize the words. I just made a list, as if I was finding them along some road. Here are the words that I collected:


A school building in a valley




The town is wrapped around

Early night mountains background

The road nearby

Source of green



Then I started to make sentences with the words, so that they will tell a story.

When I did this, I did not insist on keeping everything precisely as it was. I allowed some of the words to disappear and added others. I also did not insist that anything would make sense at all. I was lead by another kind of sense of beauty, the one that has to do with words and how they are put together. If a sentence that was not there before presented itself to me in the process, I allowed it to become a part of this. 

Here is the final result, after some fooling around with it. As I finished this part of the process, I still had no idea where all this was leading me.


The school building in the valley

Is like a bridge above the creek.

It seems that roots come down from it

As blood into the water.

The town becomes the road

That wraps around the school

And when the mountains of the early evening

Play with see-through violets

This road connects you

To the evergreen reflections

Of all the words

That were not said. 


Let’s take the word school.  My schools never were in valleys. But my first school was inside of a lot of green. In school they taught us everything that they thought we should know, and they tried to hide everything that they did not want us to know, because it was too horrible for them. But those things came to us anyway. They came through energy. We knew them without knowing that we knew, and because of this, these very things became what we lived. This is how I look at the word school in this context.


Let’s look at the words: Like a bridge above the creek.

They remind me of a Zen koan. I am quoting from the book “The Flowing Bridge” by Elaine MacInnes, page 81 (Wisdom Publications, 2007). “A man passes over the bridge. Lo! The bridge is flowing and the waters are unmoving.”


It is possible to see this when you are in the energy of the ground of all and experience how the relative world can be any way you want to see it. It does not have to be as usual. When you write intuitively your words come from the ground of all, so you have the freedom to see things as you wish. These words show a state of mind that allows things to be seen differently than the usual way. This is exactly the great benefit of using intuitive flow. Without even knowing, we tap in to great depth.


It seems that roots come down from it

As blood into the water. 

These words belong to what our educators did not want us to know. Something that had to do with violence and horror, which they have experienced, and could not see themselves giving this experience to us, the children that they taught in school. There is one word that came to my mind in connection with this, and which was not there before. It is the word mother. My mother had experienced violence and horrors. She did not want to remember these, but her life was strongly affected by her experiences, and through her energy I have experienced her horrors too. This is how these lines are connected to my life. This is also the main point that has been discovered through the process that you are reading about. It is connected to my pain, as, hopefully, we will discover in clearer and clearer ways. 


The town becomes the road

That wraps itself around the school 

These words, for me, mean the way that the whole community supported the school educators in their fear of exposing their terrible memories. The whole town joined in the belief that it was necessary to hide some aspects of their experience from the children.


The mountains of the early evening, playing with see-through violets bring me again to a special state of mind. I was returning with my class from a class trip to the desert in the south of Israel. I was a high school boy. We travelled in a big truck and it was the last leg of the trip. I chose to sit at the back, where the tarp covering did not cover the whole view. My eyes rested on the moving violet mountains. We were moving of course, but for me it looked as if the mountains moved, and as the contents of what my eyes saw kept changing, my eyes rested and I was in an unusual peace.


The last four lines: 

The green shapes in the drawing repeat the shapes in the roots of blood. The road that tries to hide ends up inevitably telling the content of what it hides. 


Now let’s take an overview of what I did.

I did an intuitive drawing, which listened quite deeply to the contents of my subconscious at the time I did it.

Then I did an intuitive writing, which listened quite deeply to my intuitive drawing.

And by doing these I listened quite deeply to my inner world’s emotions images and thoughts. Knowing them from that depth has made their hold on my subconscious weaker. The energy of that depth knows the possibility of change. And wherever the hold of subconscious ideas has become weaker, something else has taken their place. This thing is intuitive flow. I have become freer and more intuitive.


Do you want to try?

1. The beginning

So the question is: What is art good for?

Many good people have asked this question since the beginning of known history. Many philosophers, scientists and everyone else. 

Now what would make me such an expert that my word is the one that they all have to hear? Instead of giving you an answer to this I’ll get down to my size. I am one of many. I am one of the multitude appearances of the power that is. I am one of you all. Every one of us has a voice that has to be heard. We, the all, cannot be complete without every one of our voices. I am speaking as this part of us all. And I have my story. Your true voice is needed too. 

Some years ago I sat in meditation. It was a retreat with the late Chinese Chan master Sheng-yen. I used to meditate with effort and it made me sick. I had to change my method, so I could go on meditating. Meditation has brought me so much good. My method has become: Including Everything. You can read about this method in Osho’s book “Meditation” on page 168. Yes, you too were included. When I saw Master Sheng-yen in an interview he told me: Everything is in you. That’s all. With his hands he showed widening and further widening of awareness. I asked: You too? He said Yes, I am too in you. He still is. 

It was the session before breakfast and before I knew it I was in a different energy. That’s all I can tell you. There was no sense of time and effort. I did not see anything special. I just knew without thinking. This was not the first time.

When the bell rang in the end of this session I decided to stand up. I don’t know why. A sentence came into my mind: Now, that you have seen this, it does not make any sense whatsoever to do anything in this world that is not the most beautiful that you can do. 

So I had my reason to do only what is the most beautiful that I could, from then on. I didn’t always. Is beauty and art the same thing? 

Now I know that blogs are not a place to put long and complicated texts. So I am going to break my words to small portions. And don’t worry, I’ll accompany everything with pictures. It will be one of these things that you can’t complain about: I wish he had some pictures, so I could read it. 

It may be hard to connect the dots at first, but slowly it will all make sense. This is my favorite way of speaking.

An Angel's Secret
An Angel’s Secret

Made of driftwood, an old woodcut, just wood and plenty of glue.


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