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162. His eternal joy


The ongoing creation of the world

The ongoing creation of the world

Today is the birthday of Giora

And even though he was never born

He is saying thanks

For this amazing event

That led to the ongoing creation

Of his world

Which is beautiful beyond description

And led to his involvement with the truth of love

With the wondrous path to be back in alignment

With the truth

With his home

With his beloved

His enthusiasm

And his eternal joy.

161. The nose is like a telescope




The door swings open

The man is trying to stand

But it is all going to fall on him now

Will something good happen in the end?

He had built a structure

And it is like a cartoon now

The man is lying on his stomach

The telescope collapses on him

Many people collapse on him

It is comical

He is still in pain

But the cartoon is promising that something funny will happen

Watch for signs

The façade of the building smiles

The nose is like a telescope

And the structure is collapsing now


Trying to carry his burden

The man still hangs on

To his imagination.


Tell me, my intuition: What is going on with me now, I asked?

Isn’t it amazing to be able to find this out so easily?

Want to try?

Ask your intuition: What is going on with me now?

Make an intuitive drawing (Go to Bring the cursor to “Services”. A scroll down menu will open. Bring the cursor to “E-mail art therapy”. Another scroll down menu will open. Click on “The deepening art process 1”. After you read it there will be a link to “The deepening art process 2”). These two pages will show you how to make an intuitive drawing.

When you are done,

Collect words and sentences from different parts of the drawing. Mix them up and create a poem from them.

160. Eternal every day

Ancient roads

Ancient roads


Mountains and rivers and sky


Daring to be me.

I am nothing but a sage sitting

And these days


I am learning to take space with colors

To draw lines and fill them up

With tints of ancient roads


Every day.


 Every little bit of self knowing leads to a little bit Self discovery.

159. Lines across the path

Lines across the path

Lines across the path

The soft lines of ploughed earth

End at the foot of the hills

Where the flow of green

Also stops

Red in the sky warns you

That it can turn black


And even here

At the beginning of your trip

Where you can touch the earth

With bare feet

There is a branch across your path

Are you sure you want to go?


And the river speaks for you

Saying yes.

I did not like this drawing so much and it lay on the table for a while.

The “reading” was so simple and straight forward. You just describe what you see and you have the meaning.

So many times it is like this, in life too, that the secret is hidden in plain sight.

It is about resistance: The fear of moving in your flow. If you want to flow, change the subject of your trust from habits to  love.


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