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344. Pakages

They fell asleep
As they were landing
On earth

They played
With all the colors
That they brought

In their dreams
That always looked

When they finished
They rested their dreams
On the dream of earth

And took the usual bus home
Where they remembered
who they were before.

Now they are leaving again
All they know

The only thing
They bring with them
This time

Are packages of energy
That they will have to

343. I can close my eyes

In my little garden of dreams
I swim

I find the red hard to chew
But the green invites me

The yellows warm me up
The grays advise to rest

I see the screens
That tell of being open and enclosed

I see the big lines
Building lives and falling

But now 
It's up to me

I can close my eyes
To have a different thought

And where do you think I'll be
When they will open?


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Entries 1-58 show how I use the method of Intuition Through Art to heal myself from Peripheral Neuropathy.