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117. The green that overgrows

Burning casuarinas

Burning casuarinas

 The red sun is painting the foliage at dusk

Intensifying play reality

The green that overgrows

In the village of my youth

Is the shadow

Of the villagers’ lives

Look! Look!

The truck that you hear

Struggling up the little hill

Will soon appear

Among the burning casuarinas.


You may ask yourself: What does this have to do with the work of this blog? Why would memories of youth belong in a process of emptying out everything, that creates conflicting thoughts, from the subconscious, so that more and more of the light of being will come through, and more energy will go to all the places that need to heal?

This process now is like a very long meditation. Or maybe it is very short. I don’t know how to define it in these terms. Time and again I look into my subconscious while being in an intuitive flow and whatever is there, that intuition decides to show me, starts floating into my reality through the painting and the writing process. The unknown becomes known, while at the same time being let go of. You can see that there are feelings that were provoked. I think mainly they are love and playfulness, with the wonder of a child.

These were the years when I installed a lot of programs in my subconscious. Then they disappeared from the conscious mind and continued to work without control in the subconscious. This is part of the human condition. So when these memories arise they also touch on other programs from that time, like: These are important people; They are big and know what is right and what is wrong; I somehow depend on them and have to listen to what they say; If what they say and think contradicts what I feel, I have to cancel what I feel and start believing in what they say instead. But when I look at these programs through love, wonder and playfulness, they lose their power, because, looking with love, I experience how these programs actually block love. That’s how the light works. And now, that they are much less powerful for me, the wonder surfaces. This is what we see, and it is part of this process.

For some reason this is what intuition brought to the surface now. Intuition is my guide. And intuition is my healer. It says: Look! Look! And then it says: I am here to just see and love. This is the process. I am deeply thankful to the wonderfulness of this process. I invite you all to learn it and use it.

I know what some of you will think: Where is the article, in one of those boring journals, that will prove with numbers and quotes that this is true at all? Who are you to invent new things? You have a rich imagination, Giora. But can you please give me some graphs and numbers?

What to do?

What do you say?

116. With not even a speck missed

In a dramatic night I walk barefoot at 2 AM from bed to desk to draw and write:

A scream in space

A scream in space

A scream

Is lost in endlessness

Is broken into a thousand pieces

Swirling in immaterial void



And yet

Every single atom of its being

Is accepted

With utter dedication

To fully know

With not even a speck


115. Fruit

There is no picture with this entry. You are invited to imagine it for yourself.

It is night. No sleep, as the pain makes me move constantly. Around 4 I start paying attention to the feeling of “I”. I have found that this is one of the things that sometimes helps reducing or eliminating the pain for a while.

I used to do it in this way: I would say to myself the word “I” in my mind and feel what it did to the body when I said this. Then I would think something along these lines: Of course “I” is not this feeling that I experience. It is what is watching it. And this would lead to moving myself, in my imagination, away from that experience to the air around it, so to speak, from which I watched the experience.

But this night I did it differently. I did not want to labor with anything. I just said “I’ in my mind and searched for where I could feel “I”. That’s all. I felt the “I” inside of all the experiences that I had, and it was not them anyway, without having to move out. For some reason it seems hard to explain this now. But doing it was very natural. If you don’t try to solve it through thinking, this happens automatically.

As I did it, I started to feel the flow of old thoughts, old beliefs, old expectations as it was leaving me in great speed. It became a cleansing process.

The pain also was seen, in this state, as something in the process of cleansing. The experience of pain was how it felt as it was leaving me. There was a certain amount that was kept somewhere and it was streaming out.

After about half an hour like this, it started to be difficult to find that “I” any more. Then I could not find it.

When I started to move, there was this strange body moving right here. It was not clear to me whether I was seeing it from outside or inside but it surely was not “I”. It was moving on its own, like an unreal thing with its own program. I could not see what was making it move. “I” certainly did not do it because it was not there.

In the end of the stream of old garbage, where there were spaces, there was joy in them. I started to feel very good. This is the joy of who I am that is naturally there, when it has some space to come through.

Then I realized that what I do with art, the method of intuitive flow, is exactly this: I tune in to “I”. I tune in to “I” by trusting and following my sense of beauty, and immediately as I start doing it, the stream of useless old beliefs starts streaming out and onto the paper. It is just the same process, only going on slower and enabling me to see what is happening. When I work with people, this is what they experience, and the art, which results, enables them to see what comes out and know that it is leaving them. This knowing is important, because it makes it possible for them to know that from now on they are free from having to conduct their lives, based on that belief. It is an easy way to create this healthy process and be aware of it at the same time. And just as it happened with the attention alone, during the early hours of the morning, it happens with the art process: Joy comes pretty fast. This is how people sometimes come in to sessions upset and worried and leave, after an hour, joyful. The joy is from them. It is the essence of who they are naturally, as it has found it way to appear, when the density of inner programs was reduced.

114. New world

Incredible light on the floor

Incredible light on the floor


Into the soft shadow

Comes a ray of incredible light

It is on the floor

Here are my sunglasses

I use them to see in different colors

You are curious like a baby, aren’t you?

I am the leaning love

Your fur is shining and colorful

I even like what you have just spilled

On the floor

Come, do you want to play?

You are so soft, aren’t you?

And so interesting

Here, I am giving you a flower


Does a dog have a Buddha nature?

113. Always all of it

Coming from the earth

Coming from the earth


Bend forward and blow a bubble in front of you

In it you’ll see a faint image of a hero

That you were

From your thoughts

Create an evolution of suns

Which are what you will be

You are coming from the earth

It seems

Standing on it

You perform your magical deeds

But you are that energy

That comes from deeper than the earth

To make the earth

To make you

And your miracles

Do you like the taste of it?

You have never been a hero

You will never be an evolution of suns

Because you are always

All of it.


All of it.

112. Caterpillars in a hurry

Caterpillars in a hurry

Caterpillars in a hurry

Caterpillars crawling on top of each other

Going in the same direction

In a hurry

As much as caterpillars can be in a hurry

We don’t know where they are going

And we don’t know

Who will appear when they are gone

We could know everything

If we zoomed out and left the game

Of watching closely

But then

It would never be the same game


When I was twenty years old I was in the Israeli army. I was in the infantry and all we did was running, walking and carrying stuff. One beautiful spring day we were doing just this on the lower hills of the Carmel Mountain. We took a short break and sat down to rest in a field full of flowers. There were millions of busy critters on and among the flowers. One friend jokingly slid a big caterpillar under my t-shirt. It did not feel good to me and I shook the caterpillar off quickly. It was a beautiful, colorful caterpillar. In twenty minutes all my body became covered with big white bumps surrounded with red circles. I showed it to my commander and he sent me in the big unit’s pickup truck to the military hospital. I had some fever for two days and after that the bumps disappeared and I was sent back to my unit. From that time on, every spring the bumps come back, for one day, to a few places on my body. They grow, they itch and they disappear in three hours. This has gone on for almost fifty years.

Now that I am healing my body by clearing mental blockages, using my method of intuitive flow, I started having these bumps every evening, since the beginning of spring. Every evening they appear in places that have friction, like where I wear my watch, they swell, they itch and in tree hours they disappear.


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