161. The nose is like a telescope




The door swings open

The man is trying to stand

But it is all going to fall on him now

Will something good happen in the end?

He had built a structure

And it is like a cartoon now

The man is lying on his stomach

The telescope collapses on him

Many people collapse on him

It is comical

He is still in pain

But the cartoon is promising that something funny will happen

Watch for signs

The façade of the building smiles

The nose is like a telescope

And the structure is collapsing now


Trying to carry his burden

The man still hangs on

To his imagination.


Tell me, my intuition: What is going on with me now, I asked?

Isn’t it amazing to be able to find this out so easily?

Want to try?

Ask your intuition: What is going on with me now?

Make an intuitive drawing (Go to PsychotherapyThroughArt.com. Bring the cursor to “Services”. A scroll down menu will open. Bring the cursor to “E-mail art therapy”. Another scroll down menu will open. Click on “The deepening art process 1”. After you read it there will be a link to “The deepening art process 2”). These two pages will show you how to make an intuitive drawing.

When you are done,

Collect words and sentences from different parts of the drawing. Mix them up and create a poem from them.

1 Response to “161. The nose is like a telescope”

  1. 1 karen September 16, 2013 at 1:41 am

    It does seem magical! Ilook forward to trying this out – Thank you so much! Karen

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