9. Going high

I don’t think I have to elaborate on the meanings in the poem in the last posting. It is clear enough. The most important things are the feelings that came through this work and I can list them here:

Loss of control

Asking for help

Self-pity and self-criticism




A wise thing to do would be to release the energy of these emotions, so that they will be weakened. 

But just having gone through this writing, through the next two drawings and through the recognition of what they represent for me, even if I did not write about it, started to have a magical influence. It happens a lot in every process of healing.

Just looking at these subconscious entities, just being in a deeper state and looking, was enough to start them moving. They lost some of their grip on the idea of “me”, and as soon as they started to move and shuffle a bit, some fresh air came in from deep inside of me. It is the wind of who I am , and it was experienced as happiness. A wind of happiness and child like wonder came through me. I experienced wanting to do another drawing and here it is, with the poem that came along with it:  

They dance like autumn leaves

But stay up in the air

As if they’ve learned to fly

By throwing violet lights

At each other.

They grew out from a magical red pain

In my foot.

Whether they are real or not

Is not a question that they ask.

They have been loved

From the beginning

By the good green

As can be evidenced

From the nectar drops

That they carry.

The wind of who I amThe wind of who I am

And after this there will be a seesaw of elation-despair, elation-despair.

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