61. The letter in golden light

After the theoretical beginning, this will be the first step in part two.

It is early morning. I pull up the shades and look at the flower boxes, where I spread the seeds of wild flowers a few days ago and I am waiting to see them grow. I touch the earth with my finger and feel the love of the earth.

What am I doing with my life? is the question that goes through my head. I think I have two tracks. I go a little bit in one of them, then a little bit in the other and I do not get anywhere.

I meditate for a while.

Still with the sweetness of the sleep and the meditation I move through the apartment and do the morning things.

Then I sit at my table with the paints to have a morning consultation with intuition.

A strange drawing happens.


The golden letter in the sky

The golden letter in the sky


And then the poem.

On the wet rocks

He made the mystical move

To celebrate the passions.

He filled castles with hopes.

This was the struggling earth man.

While going to the citadel

Through melancholy lanes

He lifted his eyes to the sky

And saw the letter

In golden light.

Then the tears came.

He felt how everything he knew

Was fast fast going nowhere

And only the love remained

To fill the forest.

I’ll leave it at that. In the next entry or two I’ll bring in a few of the things that happened before this first step.

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