119. For your curiosity and joy

2AM. I feel irritation. I meditate in bed. The unrest goes and comes, goes and comes back. I know I have a better way.

When I collected words from the drawing and scrambled them, I scrambled really hard. Into the order that they fell into, I added a few words to connect the lines and it was done with no effort at all. For your curiosity and joy I gave color to the words that I added in order to connect the lines and make them communicate clearly.

Falling down

Falling down

The pain

Is trying to hold on


Where is Mommy?

Losing sense of direction




With everything else

It is now

Falling down

All things break apart


Dry and dead

To enable


2 Responses to “119. For your curiosity and joy”

  1. 1 erranttranscendentalist June 25, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    Love the expansive ending…growing is…uncomfortable sometimes, isn’t it? Esp. when it happens at 2 a.m. Hope you get rest, friend.

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