247. For this time


In some place

Like in so many others

For this moment

The plant is attached to the tip of the world


The balance of flat and broken and empty

Of dots and leaves and feathers

Depends on

One very thin line


In a way that is unknown to us

The open chord of feathers in the moving air

Is perfect

For those who also like dots on a white surface


This is a rock

For children

Who make rocks and plants

From dreams.

2 Responses to “247. For this time”

  1. 1 arnold Gerstein November 26, 2016 at 9:22 am

    A poetic reading works by moving the eye to discover more and to feel the energy of that discovery

    • 2 intuitiveflow8888 November 26, 2016 at 11:48 am

      I agree with this sentence. The energies are the main issue of poetry and all the arts. Poetry lives between the reality of stories and things and the reality of energies or vibrations. You use a sampling of the stories and things and lead the attention to the different experiences that are felt vibrationally or energetically. And in the end, what seems like a closing is actually an opening, which invites the question: What do I want to do now?
      But for the one who writes, all these thoughts do not exist in the time of writing. For him it is just a play with energies. Pick this or pick that. Let your intuition guide you, and know when to stop.
      Everything that is driven by intuition leads you to openness and a sense of freedom, out of which you have a chance to choose what you want.
      Why is that? Because your intuition is who you really are. So what you want and what your intuition guides you toward, are one. And when you are like this, you are also one with everything.

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