254. Inviting beauty to look at pain


As you see

The areas overlap

And struggle with each other

For control of the same space

And what if they knew

That the same space

Is open and given to every one of them

With no limitations

All with love and joy and acceptance

Be they as they want to be

And the radiating hurt

Is like roots

Trying to hold on

With fingernails

To a piece of ground with no water

Or food

Bt they can change their experience

And feel blessed

In being able to dance that dance

And infinite number of others

For all eternity

With nothing to loose

Nothing to gain

Just joy.

2 Responses to “254. Inviting beauty to look at pain”

  1. 1 intuitiveflow8888 January 27, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    I had to shorten the name as the original name was cut off by the program when it was sent out, and I guess the reason was its length.
    The original name was: What happened when I invited beauty to look at pain.

  2. 2 arnold Gerstein January 28, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    With only everything to gain and nothing to lose. The invitation of beauty and love and truth also reveals the purpose of the pain…to awaken us to the world through and beyond illusion. Pain holds its grip tight to help us find the tight holding on places in our programmed life. That is why it is sometimes called “sweet pain”. To invite pain to beauty is to invite light and truth and love to enter the dark places without objection.

    Thank you for the drawing and your words to put it all together in a sweet invitation.

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