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104. Expand

It is 4 AM. My body trembles from soles to neck. All the nervous system trembles everywhere: In the heart, in the feet, in the stomach, in the neck. As if I am sitting in a truck while the strong engine is working. I had this happen before but this is stronger. I don’t know what it is. On one hand it is frightening, but not much. I have gone through things like this so many times already. On the other hand I have been asking for so long to be guided and to be supported in my being who-I-am to the fullest degree possible. I know I need to do a drawing. I don’t want to get up from my bed and walk to the studio, but I have to do a drawing.

Surprisingly, when I start, I am very calm and the movements of the brush are very easy. I do a second color and a third and I know that this is it. I have finished.

Life bubbling

Life bubbling

I find in me the energy to do the going-in-with-words. I make a list. I scramble. In the new order of the words I insert a few more words that help to connect the lines and here it is, all done with ease and flow:


Go go go


Life is bubbling in you

It makes a lot of noise

And sometimes it hurts


Say yes yes yes

Heart and all

Going far, going far

And about to dance


Work together



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