11. Why do anything if it is not the most beautiful that we can?

How it all works

How it all works

So it is time to talk about theory. It will help, I hope. I realize that some people who come to this blog don’t know what I am talking about. It has not been researched. They have never read about this approach in articles in professional journals. There are no numbers here and no statistics. Basically, it is not scientific.

I know, it has been researched quite a bit lately. People have written a lot about it. But this approach nevertheless is still considered to be an outsider thing, for people who are different, maybe more dreamy, maybe too optimistic and unrealistic.

So what I want to say is that I have used this approach with all of my clients, and I have had plenty of them through the years. It is a very practical thing. I worked with prisoners, who were in jail for drug abuse. I worked with what is termed delinquent adolescents, who in my mind are no different than anybody else, and all kinds of populations, as it is being called, and it is just people like me and you. I have even explained all the theory to these people, because it was helpful for their work with the method of intuitive flow. They all understood and used it well. I would like you to use it well too, if it speaks to you. 

I did not know that there was a theory behind what I did, when I worked with the prisoners. But they asked me: What is this good for? Why making art will help me? And I had to answer. They were there because they did something that society considered wrong. I told them that I did not know what is right and what is wrong and I could not help them with these. The only thing that I was interested in was to help them be free. Not free from the walls of the prison but free from their own unknown thoughts and inhibiting beliefs. This they liked. And then the theory came out of my mouth. We all have emotional suffering. When we try to find out why, we always go to the past and find out that there was a good cause for creating a habit of thought that is now disturbing. Then we find that this habit also came about as a result of another habitual belief that we had before. And so it goes deeper and deeper. But if we manage to go all the way to the point of origination of these many layers, we find that it is always one and the same. It is that for some reason a person decided to block his or her intuition. Everything started to go wrong from there. That is why the first thing to do is to open the flow of intuition again. 

So here is the whole theory: Open the gate of intuition. Keep it open. See what happens.

Every part of these is important. Opening the gate of intuition happens automatically when we make art in an intuitive flow way (Look it up on my website). To keep it open we only need to do more of it, so that’s easy. To see what happens we need to be in an intuitive flow and use this state to look anywhere we want. We can look into the subconscious, just to see what is going on there and this is the first step in the work anyway. And we can look into certain emotions that we feel, into people, into blockages, and so on. Just looking in this way is enough for unhinging or uprooting
inhibiting beliefs, for releasing long held emotional attachments, and even better, for experiencing being who we are.

In most cases it is not enough to do it once. It needs to be done many times. But even having to do it many times, the length of the therapy becomes much shorter than what we know from traditional therapies. Every session becomes very effective and beautiful. Why do anything that is not the most beautiful that we can?

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  1. 1 Roswita May 23, 2011 at 7:21 am

    hello there, very good site, and a very good understand! one for my bookmarks.

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