21. Do this and see me in the morning

Follow your heart

Follow your heart

When I looked at the pictures of the last posting, there was an advice stated in them. It is the clear direction that showed itself more and more clearly, as I moved from drawing one to drawing three. It is: To do what it is for me to do in this life, in spite of not being perfect. It is to accept all that is imperfect and move forward in my life. This is the advice that was given this time.

Intuition never deals with the past or the future. It always deals with now. And it is practical. It does not give you information, so that you can put it in your life story as a fact or write a scholarly article with new definitions of the human condition. It is impossible to stabilize your findings, because their nature is change. So what comes through the intuitive flow always ends up as something practical to do now, and if you do that, you will feel good. You will know that you are doing what you have to do in this life.

The way we are being taught in school to know, is to find some stable truth. Everyone knows that the stability of what is considered to be true today is short lived. Some time from now there will be a change of paradigm. Some details in the way life behaves wouldn’t fit in with what is believed to be true and when enough incongruity occurs, the paradigm will have to change. If you want to find stability, you have to be in movement. You have to respond to circumstances as they arise, and do it in the deepest way that you can, or the most beautiful way that you can. So the only thing that remains stable is the trust that you develop in your intuition or your sense of beauty. It is a bit different from the way we were taught to live. You never know what will come toward you from life and what will come to you from your intuition. But trusting intuition and doing what is recommended through it, makes you feel good, and gradually this feeling-good becomes what accompanies you through all your life. It is the measure of how you trust your intuition.

The aim of therapy or healing is to feel good in a true and deep way. Here you have a solution.

When your trust in intuition becomes stable and constant, then you have a feeling that you even do not do anything. Instead, everything happens. Things appear in the world, response appears from within you, there is an action taken. And where are you? You have disappeared. As long as you doubt intuition, you have a struggle within you. One side wants to respond according to your subconscious programs, another side wants to trust intuition. So there must be a choice to be made and something to do, to overcome resistance and to follow your heart. In this behavior there is a “you”. If you don’t have any doubt, the “you” is not there. Do you want to try this?

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