28. Something about the pain’s environment

I am taking the car to the repair shop. I wait for the mechanics to finish, sitting in a café nearby. I have my paints with me.

This is what comes out:


What is around the pain?

What is around the pain?


And the words follow quite easily:


Open the sky, my friend

Do you see the burning earth energy

As it hurts and shakes the foundations of your hopes?

I am who I am

Yes, and there is more to come

You’ll be reminded of the death of the flesh

It dies as old memories

Come closer, look and wonder

It is time to venture into the freshness

I am making it hurt more

For the time being


A blessed being. 


Now something strikes me. The two drawings that I did with markers and colored pencils have a lot in common. They have the pain in the left. They have a different kind of space opened, They have shapes delineated with grey lines, They have something green in them, They have dark shapes floating in the space, and there is a lot of movement in them. And now I remember the first drawing of the pain in this blog. Remember the green, which seemed to be the only positive thing happening there? (Posting # 19, second drawing) Something is cooking here, friends. It is time to investigate deeper. Wait for the next posting.

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