29. It is clear, but what is it?

It is a day of pain, and I can’t but draw it again and again. A series of three is made and I have them here for you, with the going-in-with-words.




Cry out my boy

Cry out

Dark and sharp is the world for you these days

Shout that it hurts

And sharp as broken glass

Cry out

We are eating up your hope

Cry out.


Then this:




The world is pain

From the background of white pain

Comes red pain

And black pain

And pus. 


Then, even though the pain was still crazy, I calmed down in a strange way and did this, not knowing what it is of course.


The old man gets a hint

The old man gets a hint

 And the words:


The mountain

Speaks to the eagle

About the old man

In winter

For whom

The memories of springs past

And of the fields

Of true blessing

Are like the grace

Of a heavy bough

Softly touching his shoulder

To give him a hint.


In this last one and its words my attitude toward the pain changed, on its own, to grace, love and gratitude. Intuition changed it. It is a good change and could not be done by thinking. That’s why it is a good idea to let intuition come again and again to the same issue and give it its gifts of clarity and of acceptance. Having said this I’ll tell you more. It feels that something has calmed down and some clarity manifested. But what is this clarity about, I do not know. 


After this I went to the sofa in the living room and cried bitterly. It was a strange crying. I did not know why I cried. It felt as if it was for something that was so old and far and I was inconsolable.

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