31. The dance of the shaman

The invitation to the workshop that was sent in the day of posting 25 bore fruit. People sent me emails, indicating their interest. When I get up today I know it is time to choose a place and a time for the workshop. I’ll look at what days these people preferred and find the best day. There are other things on my table that have to be dealt with and I find myself a bit confused. Something slows me down. I decide to do a drawing and see what is happening in my subconscious, or whatever my intuition will bring me. You can call it the morning conversation with inner guidance.

Here is the drawing.


The dance of the shaman

The dance of the shaman

I collect words from the drawing. This time I don’t look at specific spots. I let the whole drawing speak to me. Here is the list of words and short sentences that come: 





Made of the earth

Made of the sky

Including all

Performing for the tribe

Expect healing

Expect growth

Be enchanted 

I see that I can use the words in the order they are. But I prefer to go farther away from what seems so easy. I want the unexpected. I choose a way to scramble the words and with the new order of them I make them into a poem, as usual. 

Be enchanted, because

A magical man

Made of earth

Is dancing.

Expect to heal, because

He is also

Made of sky

We call him Shaman

He is performing for the tribe

Including all

In his closed eyes

And no-face.

He is a magician

Driven from within

Expect to grow.


After reading this I feel encouraged. The place and time for the workshop will be chosen today.

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