40. The more vividly you see the better it works

Let’s start with a day of pain. I wanted to post this drawing alone, without saying anything, but the plan has changed.



 Now a second day like this has come, and a third day. And in the third day I have an appointment at the place where that workshop is taking place, to try all the technical stuff relating to the projection of a presentation. I have to walk a few blocks to the subway station, and from the one where I exit the train, walk again several blocks to where the workshop will take place. Then there is waking and standing there, and all the trip back. As my foot hurts like crazy in the morning, I consider canceling this appointment. I don’t want to exacerbate the pain and what causes it.

But keeping the appointment is part of doing the presentation and workshop in a good way, without pressure. It is a good idea to try things ahead of time so I can fix them in case it is necessary.

I don’t know, in this morning, what is more important: Allowing the foot to rest, or keeping all the plans moving. I love being in other places. I love walking in the streets. But should I, when the condition of the foot is so bad?

I decide to ask intuition.

This is the drawing that was made.

Flow, fly and go

Flow, fly and go

 And these are the words, resulting from going-in-with-words. I collected the words by describing what different parts of the drawing were doing:


I am dancing very lightly

In the light

Moving to a place of meaning

Where everything is joy

I bend right

And look to the left with fear

It is an old habit showing

But I am peaceful

In the local flow

Moving to fulfillment.


So I go. And the foot hurts like hell sometimes, and less at other times. And in one of the places where I have to wait I find a new way to sooth the pain with energy work.

I imagine that there is a ball of energy, floating a little bit away from my knee. You can see in the drawing how I sit and where the ball is in the beginning.

Moving the ball of energy

Moving the ball of energy

Then I move this ball, in my imagination, through the lower part of the leg and the foot, till it comes out from the other side and takes a little distance from there. Then I move it back through the foot and lower part of the leg in the opposite direction, until it comes to where it was in the beginning. I do this again and again back and forth. Sitting in the subway, my eyes are closed and I move them under the lids, to follow where the ball of energy moves. I can also help the ball move with my hands, but I don’t want to do this in the subway.

That’s it. After a while the pain goes away and everything becomes quiet.

Do you want to try?

The more vividly you see the ball in your imagination, the better it works.

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