50. You are in my dream

One drawing can have two different meanings, and both can be right.



If I look at the composition, it looks like different characters, each being busy with his own plan, work or play. They belong to some collaborative effort. They are different from each other but somehow live in the same space and do some work together. This work is made of the many different parts. Every one of them does his own independent work and somehow it all adds up to a collaborative business. Some carry an empty balloon or space bag. Together they may look like a part of a body tissue, or maybe a busy mind, receiving and sending information in all directions. All this business is very close to becoming an empty space. If just some of them move out of the picture and then the others, having no connections to support them, fall out too, suddenly there will be emptiness there, with nothing or not much in it. Maybe one thought will pass through this space every now and then and be noticed in the awareness.

When you meditate, this can happen to you.

This is one impression. 


Another meaning can come up by going-in-with-words. In this case I collected their occupations, or what they were busy doing, as I imagined by looking at each individual figure. I did this process before I looked at the composition, so this “reading” came first, and the other one, above, was second. 

This one gave the following poem.


Me and my mind


I am hanging out here

You come in a friendly way

I say I am here

You say I love you

I cast a shadow

With a purple light

You slide on it

And dive

Into the depth

I spit light

You dance into the darkness

I direct and support you as you go

You fly happily and magically



Are the two connected?

Let’s give it a try.

All those busy figures, going in different directions and doing different things, having different characters, all of them together are the mind.

Cast a shadow, and the mind will slide on it.

Spit some light, and your mind will dance into the darkness. It may. It does not always do what you want it to do. 

Every part of the mind is busy doing something else, every part has its memory to carry and program to perform. They do not work together really, they are chaotic, but somehow it seems that they are one mind, serving us with love.

If we accept all this busyness and allow it to do whatever it is that the different parts do alone and together, it will fly out magically and the empty space will be the experience that is left.


I remember a very peaceful man talking to an audience. When he talked, he was very alive with his movements and his voice. He looked at the audience, smiled, asked questions and made the audience participate. Then there was a break. Since he had nothing to do but wait for the second part to begin, this man just sat quietly and did not move, as if he was a sculpture. He had no expression on his face, but rest. After all his busy parts of mind finished doing their work, he stopped giving them energy and his mind became empty. Can you do that? Can I?


All these thoughts come now, as I try to connect the two strokes of interpretation together into something that probably resembles the state of my subconscious mind.

This writing was done as I had earphones on my ears and I was listening to sounds of nature with binaural sounds that made my mind go into the dream state while being awake. At first I was peaceful and almost fell asleep. I am always tired these days because I do not sleep well enough at night due to the pain. But suddenly I felt like writing about this drawing, which I made last night. All these words came out of me in a state of dream. They are my dream. You were in my dream.


Just before I started writing I had a wave of pain and a few fleeting images went through my mind. They were of me escaping a crowd, a javelin is thrown at me, and it goes into my left foot exactly into the place that hurts now.

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