56. Saying goodbye to a hero


The eagle and the boy

The eagle and the boy

The eagle is putting his hand on the shoulder of the boy

The eagle has a powerful golden crown, good for wars

The boy has a soft, dreamy, eternal blue-sun hat


The eagle holds a golden rod

And is the owner of many rods

The boy has hands of earth


The eagle loves the boy

The boy is getting ready to be independent

He does not need the eagle any more.


The eagle is the anger and the strength of the boy

The boy does not need this strength any more.

The boy is about playing.



What I get from this is that the boy has adopted this eagle-dream in order to be strong and able to take revenge for having been harmed and shown as weak. I remember myself imagining that I was a hero in my childhood. My father looked like a hero to me. His disappearance early in life opened the field of experience to the study of living without a hero to support me.

The boy invented the eagle.

The rods are erect penises. The boy wanted the eagle to give him these, which he saw as manifestations of power and as a way to control others, especially women. The boy thought he could not live without the eagle and his gifts, because it would have been too dangerous. It seemed that the eagle loved the boy and responded to the boy’s wishes. It may be true. After all, the boy invented the eagle to do just this. But now the boy has come to a place where he does not need this any more. He is blessed. He feels being loved, and called to only be-who-he-is. Being-who-he-is, is freeing. There is no fear in that and there is constant fulfillment.

The boy used to be afraid to be without the eagle.

Now, the last frontier of fear has been crossed.

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