57. Shifting to a more loving perspective

On the one hand I am starting to teach the method, which has been so good to me and to many others, and this activity feels very good, as you saw. On the other hand everything else crumbles. I don’t have enough patients to sustain a practice. Almost every single patient that I have ever had has changed his or her life for the better, and in a short time left. I am still being invited to present, when I offer to come. People who have found interest in what I do, want to have more of it. And yet I won’t have enough money in the bank this month to pay for my basic needs. It seems that the universe refuses me an easy life.

It reminds me of the last children’s book that I did, “A Circle Of Friends.” It is a book without words that describes what happened when a child decided to leave his muffin to a homeless person, sleeping on a bench. All the people who saw the book in its dummy stage said it was beautiful and moving, but even with three agents, one at a time, pushing it to publishers, all the publishers refused to take it, and this lasted some twelve years. The most experienced agent told me to put it on the shelf and wait a few years. The public is not ready yet, she said. And it stayed on the shelf for two years. When I decided to go to school again to study art therapy, and there was one week left before the beginning of the school year, I took the book for the last time to show it to a publisher and the publisher took it on the spot. Somehow I knew then, that the universe did not want to support me unless I did what the book said. At that time it was: Go and help other people become free of suffering. Once I did, the book was sold. In a way I feel the same now. When you have an aspiration and start going in the new direction, toward fulfilling it, everything else that sustained you before stops. It seems like a betrayal. But it is actually support. It hastens you on your new way. I have decided to trust my intuition entirely, and this is my new way.

But this morning, when I saw that I don’t have enough money, I felt fear.

The following four drawings and four going-in-with-words show the process that I went through with this fear. I don’t have to explain any more. But I want to turn your attention to one interesting thing that we have already met before. Even in the first drawings, when there is no clarity yet, the ingredients of the solution are already there, both in the drawings and in the words. The solution does not change the facts, but it is a view from a different perspective, deeper and more loving.

From solid to fluid

From solid to fluid

I am falling

From a place I dreamed up

It was all

A pie in the sky

And won’t be here soon

The fallen pieces

Fracture the light 

For a moment

As everything I know

Is streaming out

And turning

From solid to fluid






I am



Hammer it here

Hammer it here

I know what to do

I have the spirit

I can

Here is the big plan

Hammer this here

Magically it will hold

There is some support from the side

The ground is not safe

Hold on to the sky

See how new sprouts are starting?

What a dance!

Remember the pain

That you had?

Red holding on to the old

Red holding on to the old

Something new that I do not know:

Earth and green made of light.

Red is holding on to old

Don’t be afraid

Look at the dots that fly

So light and easy

All is soft around the hard.



Hold together

But leave it open

Let your truth

Come through your throat

Be light

Include everything

Allow things to come in

From all directions

Don’t question

Connect from your heart

Be unburdened

Flow with ease.

1 Response to “57. Shifting to a more loving perspective”

  1. 1 Anna Kuyumcuoglu July 15, 2011 at 10:21 am

    As I read your post dear Giora, and came to the end, I saw what a release you had finding once again your truth. That connection that truth is beyond the fear. I too had lived in terror, fear, feelings that made me not want to stay in my body. I had pushed these feelings out somewhere and they were in the air. I felt very uncomfortable . How do I sustain the life I have without an income? It was scary. The thing with intuition is that it lives in present time. It is available to us in present time, and to access it, we must re-align ourselves to present time and there is our intuition then we can ask it things… Hello? are you there? Always, constant there Yes 🙂

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