63. What is it that wants to be loved?

I remember another drawing from not so long ago that had some of the same characteristics that the drawing from post # 62 had. It had a different meaning, when I went-in-with-words, but I start to see that something is appearing in my drawings, which has not gotten all the attention it needs to get. It is always so. When you see some pictorial features repeated in different drawings, you know that something is waiting to get attention and be loved.

First I’ll show you the drawing I am talking about:

Coming to life

Coming to life

Then the words.It is not in the form of a poem this time. These are the thoughts that passed through my mind as soon as I finished the drawing:

As I was drawing I knew. This is the time I came from the womb, passing through the birth canal of my mother. I knew she relived the trauma as I was coming into life and I knew that I came to heal her through my own healing.

And here is another drawing. I did it when I waited for people to come to my open evening workshop about the use of intuition. I had pain and drew it.

Pain with a familiar structure

Pain with a familiar structure

In this drawing you can see that the same colors appear. There is some continuation of blue, green and brown that is broken by a red area. If not for the red area, the other colors would have become a continuous flow, maybe not a pleasant one, but a flow nevertheless. The red stops the flow by declaring something hot and different in the middle. In this case it is the pain. But why does it appear to say something similar to things that showed up in the other drawings? I did not write words for this one.

So what is it that shows up now and wants me to love it?

1 Response to “63. What is it that wants to be loved?”

  1. 1 john August 22, 2011 at 12:48 pm

    It seems to me, it is saying, that you must love the pain.

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