73. The management of love and wisdom

This continues posting #72. It is 5 in the morning. I want to know how intuition sees my life now. I feel fear and awe at the same time, or so it seems. It is almost overwhelming. I feel I could use some help. I go to the watercolor box, to speak with intuition. What will intuition show me?

Here is the drawing:



I start writing what the different shapes say, in this order:

The brown

The dark blue

The light green

The light blue

The ochre

Then I look at the whole

Then words just continue to come

I’m strong

In spite of a cut

Between me and my root.

A part of me is lost,

Spilling out into the air

What was meant to be love

Is lost.

I am confused

I change directions

I start again close to the root

But I am disconnected as well

I almost fall

I am blind

This is the point right after closing the gate of receiving  the love-stream

Or deviating from its original direction.

I feel some new freshness

Some new growth

I know I had to begin at the root

And I try to go there.

Maybe I’ll start anew

From the beginning?

But the drive to go up is strong

Not as normal growth

But as what I see others do

What I am taught by teachers

What I feel as wanting.

I grow beautifully, even without food

And without a connection to the ground

I grow from air, like Spanish Moss

I still can grow

As long as I listen to who-I-am

This drawing is my lifeline.

And there is always a sense of lacking power

And I try always to go back

Maybe I’ll catch some earth and root

But I continue to grow

Airy, disappearing into light

Crying for lack of power

But tasting the eternal.

The whole picture: 

It is a cumbersome growth

But it is growth

I feel the love now

Both to the universe and myself

I see I am one

I know I need to be practical

And use all the power given to me.

Every point is the beginning

I can connect to my earth always:

It is intuition.

I can always invent as becoming and gifting

I can always open up the receiving doors

For others and the universe to love me through.

Any point is the good point,

The place I always wanted to be,

The beginning of all,

The origination

And the receiving and giving of all.

Calm down, Giora

Say thanks to the universe

Say yes to all that comes to you

And was waiting for you to receive.

Accept all this endless love.

Say, I’m sorry I did not open up to you

All these years.

Say: You are sweet.

Say: It is all deserved.

It is all the gift of being open to all directions.

Bask in the light.

It is all light.

And thoughts keep coming:

Awe is not fear

But it feels close to it

Just as excitement is not fear

But feels close to it.

It does not matter any more

What had happened

And how my thoughts became twisted.

What matters now is to follow

The law of receiving and expanding/extending,

Being an open miracle

Into which love comes

And from which love is given.

Love and wisdom

Express themselves in the unit of life

As the management

Of love and wisdom.

And if you look at this plant

Which shows history here,

Know that every point on it

Is where love and wisdom was given,

Love and wisdom was lived

And love and wisdom was given from.

All is love and wisdom

All the time.

Therefore in healing

The most important thing is to learn

To receive again,

To learn to taste love and wisdom

In our intuition,

To allow ourselves to be the creation process

Of who-we-are,

Whereby we gift

The universe, its people and all its living things.

And there is one more interesting thing about this drawing. Remember the second drawing of the first part of this blog? The name was: Not a good leg to stand on. This last drawing resembles that second drawing. We end here as we started long ago. All that we did, did not take us away from where we were. Only the point of view changed.

This feels like the end of part two. I’ll dedicate myself now to finish the book about the method and publish it. Maybe there will be part three of this blog and maybe not. I don’t know.

The book’s name will most probably be: Intuitive Flow in Art Therapy, and the sub-headline: The easiest and most beautiful way to heal and grow.

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