88. Winds

It started with this drawing on the 4th of January.

You never die

It gives a sense of earth on the lower left, a plant pot standing in the middle. Up to here it all looks normal, except for some dark rot in the earth. But then a few horizontal views of fields grow in lines from the right side of the pot. A plant grows in the pot. The right side reaches to the right, but avoids touching it. There are a few branches coming in from there that do not look inviting. Some spots of blue fly in the air to represent some activity in the space. There is excitement there for sure.

The right side of the planted plant is brown and feels lifeless almost. Its right side edges are darkened, as if from the influence of the dark intruding branches, coming from the right side.

The left seems to grow more energetically, but in several directions, as if being confused about which direction to go.

The whole picture gives a feeling of the struggle between death and rot and life, maybe different directions of life with different emotional attachments.

This is a picture that has a dualistic view of good and bad, or at least of a choice to be made.

This is the first drawing in this series, and already here you can feel the existence of some wind.

 Here is the second drawing (from January 4th). 

Like swimming in plankton

Like swimming in plankton

It gives a feeling of a very excited rush. Everything is being swept away and upwards. Nothing resists any more, except for, maybe the friction with the air. It reminds me of swimming at night in the Red Sea in the hot summer, when every movement in the water leaves behind a wonderful, shimmering tails of light, created by the plankton in the water. So everything moves as in a sweeping dance, and leaves tails in the air. It feels to me as if something magical is happening.

Then comes this January 5th drawing. 

The resisting earth

The resisting earth

All the parts of the drawing seem to rush to the right, push each other and move together. Only one area, the brown and yellow, which looks like earth, is somewhat denser and has harder time moving. It looks as if this area of the earth wants to prevent the flow and the rush to the right side. It manages to push up a flower that penetrates the red and even blooms above ground, ignoring all the movement. Obviously there is a part in this drawing that does not agree with this rush and has its own agenda.

But if you look at the drawing like a strategist it will be easy to see that this earth piece with its stubborn individualistic agenda, whether it is good or bad, will not win. It already feels like running with everything else. It is just not ready yet to give up its old habits of thought, including the old ways of considering growth.

And the last one is this series is from January 6th

A person in a strong wind

A person in a strong wind

For this one I collected sentences and made a poem, after scrambling the lines.

It was 4:30 in the morning. I was awake for some time and felt there was something I needed to know. I needed to get in touch with intuition. I always get a reply. Here it is:

A person tries to hold on to himself

It is all done in peace

Body parts still want to catch something

But they are flying in the air

It is all quiet

It is all up to saying yes

His body breaks to pieces

That depart in the wind

The wind takes them

Like broken limbs of a tree

Being true in the storm means

That the words that were the glue


Into the sweetness of the green.

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