96. Up and down, up and away

Crazy times for me.

Not everything is explainable, because reality falls apart.

There is going up to a good mood and then an old habitual sadness/bitterness washes over me. Then again the mood turns, this time into wonder and then reality starts falling apart.

That’s where I am, folks.

Drawing one:

Strikingly decorated

Strikingly decorated

The bird

Was strikingly decorated

And had

A very smart eye

She ate only cones of sugar

And that’s why

There was some confusion

In the way she uttered her words

In a bird like way

She flew

Along the rainbow

In the sky that is inside of all things

She had a golden glow

On the feathers of her chest

The dream that she had

About the engine that runs everything

Made her smile in waves

Like an introverted clown.

The second drawing:

The guarded house

The guarded house

Under the sky of a dark rule

I worked hard

At the river

I saw

A little soft field

With lovely sky above it

Tinged with blood

It is hard to move through the density of the trees

It is hard to enter the angry, guarded house

But when I’m in

Will she be the one who’ll save me?

Or will she be the one

Who will condemn me to death?

The third drawing:

Te world is just behind your forehead

The world is just behind your forehead

What is inside

Is projected out

A fog, like a rage, very much subdued

Just above the eyes

Is out as many things

All collected for your perusal

A rock in a white courtyard

Is a thought

The desert

The golden sand

The striking sky that turns from deep blue to grey

And the distant mountains

Are nothing

But a beautiful cloud

Inside of the forehead.

The forth drawing:

The conductor with the baton of lightning

The conductor with the batons of lightning

The big bird is dancing and falling

The little boy plays with a lizard

The fish learns to fly

The Indian chief

Rows a canoe in the shape of a catfish

Going backwards

The alien alligator holds a branch in its jaw

The roots swim in the water

And all of this happens

Because the conductor holds two batons

Made of lightning.

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