209. Traveling with my clients

I am leafing through blocks of mixed-media-paper that hold drawings and readings from between May 12th and today, May 25th.

It is amazing to find that all the drawings dealt with the same issue, and that there is a movement there. I was not aware of these as I drew and read every day. They say that if you try to heal yourself, you have a fool for a doctor. But it is not so if you use this method (and a few others). The seeing and understanding with the method are not of the ego-self. The ego-self can easily be fooled by the resisting subconscious. But when the viewing is done by a deeper state of us, deeper than thinking, this view includes the struggle and the resistance that the subconscious performs. It is this view, that makes it possible to see that the resistance is an old choice that may not be serving us any more and that we can now choose differently, if we so desire. The deeper state is a wise and loving state, because it leaves our free choice intact. It only shows us two things: what is going on in the subconscious, and how do we feel about our struggle state. Being in this deeper state that we entered through the process of drawing intuitively, we naturally tend to choose what makes us feel better. This is what guides the choice and this is what creates the movement.

I wrote about this before in this blog, in a slightly different way. I wrote that being in the viewer state we are in a happier mood than the mood of the struggle, and if we have more of the happier mood, the less happy state dissolves. That is true too and these are only different ways to speak about the same thing.

So my subconscious continues dealing with the same issue, and all the people who come to me for therapy during my focused attention on this subject, present different aspects of dealing with the same issue. If I want to help them resolve their aspects of the issue, I’ll have to resolve my aspect first (it can happen through my work with them, but not only).

This gets closer to the true meaning of therapy.

I decided to present some of the drawings and readings from these three books.

I’ll present each drawing in a separate entry, day after day, and it will take about two weeks.


This is the first. There were many before. This is a part of the page. I decided to start from this as it is a view from outside in a way, and later the eyes go inwards, in the later drawings.

Then tears have made a lake

An old dream

An old dream

Standing in the water

It used to be

A joyful flying machine

With a golden heart

Now it is barren

The paint is peeling

The tears have made

A lake.

Then I asked my inner guide what to do. He said: Go live in it. Take one room and one window. Grow a plant. Play music. Create. Make a huge space in your heart for me, and thrive. Do only what you love.

2 Responses to “209. Traveling with my clients”

  1. 1 Cheri Marlow May 15, 2016 at 8:51 am

    I really like your website. My company Carrousel Studios is looking for places to donate art and craft materials. Can you tell me more about the kind of people you are helping with pain?

  2. 2 intuitiveflow8888 May 15, 2016 at 10:10 am

    Dear Cheri,
    It is a beautiful thing that you do.
    There are basically two answers to your question.
    1. Directly face to face or through Skype I only helped very few people with issues of the body and they were not major ones. I work with people as an art therapist mainly on mental issues. Mental issues are connected to the body too, and if these people have or had some good results for their bodies, I don’t know of most of them.
    2. I work on myself, after every other way that I tried to heal the neuropathy that I have did not work and I decided to use my own method to treat myself. I did it, ( not all of it but a lot) on the pages of this blog, to show others that it is possible to work on oneself successfully and more importantly, that the source of every physical ailment is the mind. I hope indeed that it helps some people in any way that they are open for.
    This way of working is part of the view of life that is usually delegated to religions and mystical traditions. But I think that these assignments are mistaken. The answers to what is true about our life are at hand, inseparable part of what we are, and it is not necessary to go through these traditions in order to get to know them. These traditions have been wonderful in keeping this knowledge alive and making it available for people who wanted to know.
    But these days are different and it seems to me that the best way these days is through things that one can do for himself. If you look at all the methods that these traditions have developed you can see that they all work based on the same principle. It is by changing the way in which we make ourselves available for information. Thinking with words, names and ideas is the main obstacle that stands between us and a deeper knowledge. The deeper knowledge is not hidden. We simply do not know how to listen to it.
    So this blog is also about this.
    And it develops with me. I have not finished yet.

    I do not use a lot of art supplies and those that I use are quite specific for me. I am sure there are many organizations who need much more and can be helped by you. But I’ll be happy to talk. Here is my number and email:
    And my cellphone: 917-355-5741


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