13. The screen and what’s behind it

The screen and what's behind it

The screen and what's behind it

 And still I did not tell you what I saw in that third drawing. So here it is.

Obviously there is a screen like thing that stands between the viewer, and what is happening in a deeper level of the picture. This is easy to see. The ease of seeing is a natural product of working with intuitive flow. It creates clarity, because thinking does not interfere with its process.

To me, even without going-in-with-words, it has become clear that there is a whole busy layer of thought patterns that create constant buzz, and tries to prevent me from clearly seeing what is inside, and is more important. So since what is inside is more important, why won’t we just not deal with this shallow layer that is in the way, and look through it? If we resolve the deeper layer, this screen will fall down on its own anyway. It will not be needed.

 What I see there is a conflicted feeling about sex. The three shapes for me were penises. Two, hesitatingly came in green, which for me feels healthy and normal. One, the bigger, is grey and gives a feeling of heaviness, gloominess, discomfort, only a shadow and not the thing itself. So here you have it.

And two stories have to come now. One is about something that happened long, long ago (Entry 14). The other is about a healing session with two white eagles (Entry 15).

And again: what is the logic behind doing all that I am doing here on this blog?

The body automatically heals itself if nothing stops it from doing it. The body actually is being created all the time from nothingness. It has a blueprint structure that it wants to adhere to. This blueprint is energetic and it is the way this body can be if everything is OK. But usually not everything is OK. We have a lot of hidden mental processes that contradict the blueprint. So the energy of creation is forced to go in different ways than the ideal and we start having problems with the body. My pain is the result of unsettled thought patterns that contradict my blueprint. I am searching in my subconscious for everything that is not settled and I allow these conflicts to dissolve and disappear. One day I’ll hit on the right one, or maybe it will be an accumulation of many such unsettled thought patterns, and suddenly the energy of creation will stream perfectly through my system and the pain will disappear.

I want to show through this blog that this is true, that it works and that it is beautiful.

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