34. I am that

This is what starts to develop. Every time I feel I need clarity, I go to the paint-box, dip my brush in water and tune in to the innermost me. I don’t know what will come from there, but what comes is always a blessing. Sometimes it tells me what to work on and release. At other times it tells me what is going on in my subconscious, so I know where I am. Many times it is very comforting. It can say: You’re OK. You are in the right direction. It can say: look at this blockage. It needs your attention. It never lies. And slowly I start developing a huge trust and love toward that thing that appears through my listening to intuition. It becomes the best friend, the most loyal, and the one who always, with no fail, gives me the most loving gifts. And as I act on its guidance, my actions in the world become wiser and more loving too. And one day I look back at what I’ve been doing for a while and this time it seems to have been me. I did these things. If you ask me what I believe in, what I stand for, here you have it. Look at what I’ve done. This is when I realize that my intuition is me too. Only it is the deeper and wiser part of me, the part that cannot be measured or proven, but boy, with it I am happy. Without it I am miserable.

This is also when I realize that I have in me, in the bigger, wiser me, all the love I ever could wish for, all the safety I could ever want to have and the fulfillment that is every person’s inborn right. And yes, one day I realize that this immeasurable thing that I cannot know unless I let it act in the world, this is the true me. I am that. I am what is unknown to the thinking mind, but knows so surely and so steadily what to do in every moment.

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