35. Fooling around with pain

Old pain picture

Old pain picture

 I lie down to sleep and the pain increases. It cannot be ignored and it is impossible to sleep. What can I do now? Every night and every day I ask this question numerous times. There are several things that I can do. There are many actually, but for whatever reason I prefer one of the following possibilities nowadays: 

I can support the pain to make it stronger. I learned this from Lester Levenson, who was a spiritual master. He was dead when I learned it, but one of his books or recordings taught me. Supporting the pain breaks the habit of fighting with it. Fighting never works. It only cerates blockages. When I support the pain, in the night or the day, it gets stronger. I continue to support, and at some point it subsides. When it happens at night I fall asleep and do not even remember how it ended. During the day this approach enables me to do things that increase the pain, like walking and standing. If the pain goes up, I support it even more. I feel that when I do this supporting, the nerves grow into the muscles again and toward the edges of the skin and I start to have more feeling in the skin. Do you know how strange it is to feel the pent sleeve cloth on my calves? 

The second thing is to imagine that my aura grows and grows until it fills the room or the house or the neighborhood, and even, sometimes, encompasses the whole earth. Then I become this aura and experience being that. This puts me into a deeper state, or deeper energy, which is always healing. In most of the times when I do this, during the night or the day, suddenly I become totally relaxed and the pain magically stops. I learned this method from Joshua Bloom, who is an energy healer. He adds more things to do in this state, which help even more, but I always look for the simplest ways.

 The third way is to listen to the emotions when there is pain. The body rejects the pain, but this is an automatic reaction that does not help, because, again, this is a fighting that creates a blockage. I know what you may think: But if I put my hand to the fire, isn’t it good that the pain comes and this automatic reaction causes me to pull my hand back? Yes. It is good. But when you have pain that does not stop, and you cannot pull yourself out from the painful situation, this reaction does not help any more. When I look at the emotions I find fear of the pain; frustration that it is still with me; sadness, as if I did something to deserve this; remorse; wanting help and more. I find the strongest emotional reaction to the pain and concentrate on it. My favorite way to concentrate on an emotion is to find where it is located and create an imagined bubble around it. This bubble, again, is a deeper energy sphere. It allows the emotion to be and to change, of its own accord, just as a child, crying with pain, relaxes when he knows that he is being loved. If I stay long enough with the bubble around the emotion, the emotion disappears. At some point in this process I forget the pain or feel it as a secondary occurrence somewhere, and many times it subsides and I fall asleep, or if it is during the day, I just do what I want to do.

So here you have three ways of dealing with the pain without drawing. Drawing with intuitive flow still remains, in my mind, the strongest and the most beautiful way to accept fully, and at the same time to allow the wonderful wave of wisdom and love, that I call intuition, to wash through everything in your being, including the pain, and change everything. 

What is of interest for me today is the third method, with the emotions, because this is a way, as I have seen, to find the core issue or issues of your life.

Since this writing is already long, I’ll stop here and continue in the next posting.

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