43. The short fight

The day after the eight drawings day I did two drawings related to the feeling in the throat. Here is the first: 

The water with the red and the black

The water with the red and the black

And here are the words:


The light is behind it always.

Look at me mommy

What is it?

The water that was good and strong

The water that we admired

Is dead.

Something horrible happened

Is it something in my mommy’s memories?

What I craved

And the light is behind it always

And what I am growing into

Has gotten red and black

As if, as soon as I want to grow

Something hits the glee of growing

What is it?

What is it that is bleeding?

Why do the water have blood and darkness?


I immediately started another drawing. This one was totally different.

Here it is:

Explosion of growth

Explosion of growth


And the wording of it:


The apple blooms

It hurts as it does

It has to push away the cold

It has to push through pain

And then it becomes








This time, unpredictably, it took only two drawings to come to wonder.

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