44. In parenthesis

(The workshop was successful. I did many workshops or presentations before. I always prepared well and knew what I would say and do. I always left enough things undecided, so that intuition will be able to come into the talking and doing too. But I also had worries about success, about people loving me in the end, about being successful and many more worries. This time, when I had worries I also had the feeling that this was not about me at all. I was in service of something bigger than me, that I was in touch with. I knew, from all the communications with my intuition before the workshop, that it was going to be good, and that this was what I needed to do, if I wanted to trust intuition. And when the workshop was in process I felt as if I was not there at all. Yes, there was this body there, and even all the mental structures and reactions that are still active, but this was not about that. It was about transferring something that came through me, and I had to move it on to the participants. It felt so strange not to be worried in this way.

I also noticed that when I did the presentation, in the beginning of the workshop, I used words and ways of explaining that I have never used before. I did not prepare for them. They just came to my mouth. I knew what to do every time something had to be done.

My life partner, Anita helped me arrange the place and collect the payments. The checks and the money bills were in a folder, and almost fell out when we ate somewhere, before going home. In the next day I found the money in the folder and counted it. It was not much, for all the work that I had done to prepare, especially considering the payments for the space and for the paper. I wanted to have good paper and a good place.

Suddenly, as I was looking at the money I felt the fume of sweetness infuses itself throughout my being. This was the sweetest money I have ever made. Once I stepped up to where I had to be, doing what life wanted me to do, everything that came back to me was sweet. This includes, of course, the fact that most of the participants want to continue and learn more.

I want to tell you folks: Follow your intuition. Nothing compares to this feeling. I already know:

There will be many people who know how to work with intuition, and many more healed people in the world.)

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