164. The man is a chair

The man is on fire

The man is on fire

The man is a chair

He is bent as if he is sitting

And as if he is playing the mandolin

Or is he a sound?

The fire starts cold

And then

Maybe he is dancing

His head is only lightly attached

And without his head

He is turning into light

Who is this man?


The two last ones are such a good description of where I am nowadays.

I am sitting a lot, as I cannot walk, stand, or lie down without excruciating pain. So I sit a lot.

I am playing music.

I am dancing in my heart.

I am on fire.


Blockages come and I blow them away. And if I don’t, something comes along and does it for me. Thank you these things that come along.

2 Responses to “164. The man is a chair”

  1. 1 karen October 21, 2013 at 11:29 pm

    That doesn’t sound easy, but the things that come along and your internal fire are what matter

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