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338. Goodbye Mom

There is fire in my feet

But I am dancing

And lifting my heavy heart

A bird comes out from my head

Another bird is kissing me

I see my mom resting

On a big pink cloud

I am ready to sail on the river now

To pass the pasture

And come to my new playing field

I am quiet

I am strong

I only do what feels good to me

I am free.

298. Sliding story

FullSizeRender 3 (2)

They are dancing and I want to dance too. You see, it is about being together, loving and loved. Somehow this protects you from sliding into the fire.

But I am isolated. My skin is screaming. My mood rolls into itself and as a stone on the road it lets the little monsters play on its top.

This is all okay indeed. It’s just a story among the multitudes, except for the light inside, the light who does not care about a thing, and the light who cares about everything.

“They” are the brown and the ochre

“I” am the blue line with yellow inside

“Sliding”: Everything slides, the whole story. All the characters are in the same story and they all are about to fall. The light of the fire is already seen on the edges of things. It is also a part of the story.

“My mood”: the purple

“The little monsters”: Fear ideas

“The light inside”: You know what it is. It is the only thing that you cannot invent.

The truth is inside out.

164. The man is a chair

The man is on fire

The man is on fire

The man is a chair

He is bent as if he is sitting

And as if he is playing the mandolin

Or is he a sound?

The fire starts cold

And then

Maybe he is dancing

His head is only lightly attached

And without his head

He is turning into light

Who is this man?


The two last ones are such a good description of where I am nowadays.

I am sitting a lot, as I cannot walk, stand, or lie down without excruciating pain. So I sit a lot.

I am playing music.

I am dancing in my heart.

I am on fire.


Blockages come and I blow them away. And if I don’t, something comes along and does it for me. Thank you these things that come along.

111.The principle of growth

It is 3 AM.

The strength of the pain came back after a lot of walking on Governors Island and downtown Manhattan, drunk with city views, drunk with walking.

The pain, the body’s shaking, the murmur along the nerve-ways make it impossible to sleep. I go to the studio.

Like fires

Like fires

The words come pouring easily and without a break all the way to the end. I am too tired to read what I wrote. I leave them as they are and go back to bed. I come back to them in the afternoon. I add words between the lines, to make things connected and this happens easily too:

It grows

It is like fire

And like a kick-starter

For what will come

The different fires

Are close to each other

And supportive

Your duty is

To just allow it to grow

Your tool is

The atmosphere

Within which it appears

This is the main thing that you can make

It is tangible

It is like wilderness

The fire burns and disappears

But the principle of growth

Stays on as the invisible guide

It is right here

And it is wonderful.


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