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151. You can stand on one leg and grow

Like and airplane that grows to fly

Like an airplane that grows to fly

I want to invite you

For fun

And in this seed of thought

Everything in the universe is included

Come hold the world

With one eye closed

You may feel that you want to hold it tight

But I want to show you

How you start from a seed

And always remain flexible

This is our morning exercise of the heart

Start the day like an airplane

That grows to fly

And you can go in many directions

I want to show you

Oh, how much

I want to show you

That you can stand on one leg

And grow.

111.The principle of growth

It is 3 AM.

The strength of the pain came back after a lot of walking on Governors Island and downtown Manhattan, drunk with city views, drunk with walking.

The pain, the body’s shaking, the murmur along the nerve-ways make it impossible to sleep. I go to the studio.

Like fires

Like fires

The words come pouring easily and without a break all the way to the end. I am too tired to read what I wrote. I leave them as they are and go back to bed. I come back to them in the afternoon. I add words between the lines, to make things connected and this happens easily too:

It grows

It is like fire

And like a kick-starter

For what will come

The different fires

Are close to each other

And supportive

Your duty is

To just allow it to grow

Your tool is

The atmosphere

Within which it appears

This is the main thing that you can make

It is tangible

It is like wilderness

The fire burns and disappears

But the principle of growth

Stays on as the invisible guide

It is right here

And it is wonderful.


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