185. Two good friends in the tree house

Two good friends in the tree house

Two good friends in the tree house

This is a painting from two days ago. I did not write about all of the art that I made. Many times there is a painting to write about but I want to paint more, so a gap forms. I wanted to clear everything or actually to accept everything. So does it mean that I have to write about every painting that I do and never skip?

There are things to be gained. But the rule should be, that’s what I think: To do what feels good.

So there are no rules except for this.

I came back from the bathroom, which was a struggle with pain. I sit here, think a few thoughts and almost fall asleep. Pain and tiredness are in my experience today. Is it going to be another day of not being able to do anything of consequence? How can you think and feel good enough to want to do things at all when in such a pain all day long and so tired all the time? I just want to sleep. Desperately I want to sleep and I can’t.

I saw a few funny videos, I spoke with my deeper aspect, and I have a better mood now.

So it is all about the mood.

The feet feel as if it is the last frontier now. Everything is raw and hurting. It is all coming back to life. I am getting younger. I go back in age.

What do I see in this painting?

To me these are two friends (I and my deeper aspect) in the tree house, my imaginary tree house, looking at the beautiful water bodies, mountains and forests. There is a strong sense of friendship and a serene, good time. This is where decisions are made about what I want to do next, and what I want to experience. This is what it is for me. I knew this when I painted. I used acrylic gouache mixed with transparent gesso to create the color areas that show brush marks. I mixed the colors carefully and liked the process. This way of painting works well with the watercolors, when I paint on canvas.

After I made this painting I felt good for quite a while, maybe half a day. I kept coming back to it to feel the friendship again.

I’ll leave this at that

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