220. Let the dummy share the happiness


It has been some time since I wrote for this blog. I was changing and needed to focus inward. I was not in the mood to share. I knew I had to get rid of fear once and for all.

During the time that I did not write, it became clear to me that I and everyone of us lives in a unique, private world. This world responds precisely to our vibrations. If we did not have a huge subconscious with many beliefs about the world and life, then everything we wanted would appear in the world that is ours. It is these hidden beliefs that create the universe that we experience. If what we want is contradicted by one of these many beliefs in the subconscious, it will not appear in our universe until we get rid of the belief that contradicts it, or the new belief becomes  more prominent.

When I discovered this more clearly than before, I also understood that nobody needs therapy. Giora,(my name,) who was supposed to live in my body does not really exist. There is a bunch of experiences that are activated by all of those hidden beliefs. One of these beliefs is that they all belong to Giora. That’s all. Just a belief. So who is playing with this body? It is the true self, an infinite consciousness, part of all that is. And just like me, everybody who was my client has a true self and there is nobody who lives in their bodies. The true self is powerful, imaginative, loving and always happy beyond measure. The same is true for everyone. So nothing is wrong with the true owners of the bodies who used to come to me for art therapy.

When I discovered this, I lost interest in therapy. Everything is okay and there is nothing to fix, I knew.

Then, within two weeks all my clients disappeared. I did not tell them to go. But my vibrations were not a match to theirs any more. They went to other countries, they got married, they got ill and went to other states.

It made me happy in some strange way, as I saw that my subconscious is already pretty clean from disturbing beliefs. And where there is no resistance to new vibrations, they manifest immediately.

I came to this relative cleanliness with the help of this method of making intuitive art and reading it. I know I’ll write about the method more in the future, so I allow myself to leave this subject alone in this entry.

The effectiveness of my method, about which I knew already, became even more convincing. It can go very far. It is sweet and wonderful. And it helps clean the subconscious. It also shows the way to live fully.

I can do many other things, I thought. I can make a living by selling art. I can write more books, I can make children’s books, which was my main occupation for many years. There are many things I can do. My new occupation will show itself. So I did not worry.

I also knew that if it will be working with people, it will be different. It won’t be about the psychology that belongs to the personality. Instead, it will be about helping people see the truth and free themselves. IN the process the personality is cleaned anyway. That’s actually what I always did and it was hidden under my practice of art therapy. But it will be different now.

Everything has changed.

And suddenly, without me doing anything, many people started connecting with me on LinkedIn. And then came a wave of new subscribers to my blog, which was asleep in its URL.

I think I know what all of this tells me. Go back, Giora. Yes, you don’t exist. It’s true. But the dummy is useful.

Let the dummy share the happiness of the real one.

And to all the newcomers: A very warm hearted welcome. I hope the blog will be useful to you. The circle of friends has grown.

5 Responses to “220. Let the dummy share the happiness”

  1. 1 Marie Pokora January 9, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    Forgiveness…or Understanding?

    One of the strongest messages we grow up with and continue to hear throughout our lives from all sources of authority is the importance of forgiveness.

    Forgive yourself! Forgive everyone! But what if there is nothing to forgive?

    What if everything everyone does is merely a forward or backward move or perhaps even a filibuster in the dance of their life, all depending on the stage of their evolution?

    What if everything they do has NOTHING to do with us and everything to do with their journey? A journey which is based on their experiences, their personal growth, their unresolved issues, their unhealed pain. Given all of these variables, it is truly impossible for us to judge or evaluate the choices they are making. But, for some strange reason, we seem to think we can interpret their actions and that is our ONLY point of reference…ourselves.

    It’s pretty easy to do this…we all do it most of the time…It’s our habitual response but it causes SO MUCH TROUBLE! We can end up feeling hurt or angry or sad and depressed and what they are doing is NOT ABOUT US! We are the subject of the scenario because we happen to be in the picture at this time; we are the scenery and setting for the playing out of someone’s latest life challenge. What if we really GOT that and, therefore, NOTHING felt personal?

    There would be nothing to forgive. For ourselves or others. We are merely the playing field where someone works out the latest step in his evolution with any accompanying banging and clatter and others do the same for us when we are engaged in one of our “adventures”.

    I know it’s pretty radical to expect everyone to see this…especially when our emotions are embroiled and our egos feel challenged. But how wonderful it would be if we could navigate our lives from this trekking star: Nothing to forgive. We are ALL doing what we came here to do: use the resources of earth school to finally get the Big Picture of our lives.

    Marie Helena

    image from wallpaperswide.com


  2. 3 karen January 10, 2016 at 10:06 am

    so lad you are back!

  3. 4 intuitiveflow8888 January 10, 2016 at 11:18 am

    Thank you Karen. It feels good to be back.
    And thank you Marie. I like the conversation. what you say supports self guided development. In a way, we always guide our development by what we feel. If we feel we need help, it will be mirrored to us and it may happen that something will appear to us in our reality, with the kind of help that we seek. Then, sooner or later, as we continue to develop, there will be something in this help that doesn’t agree with us and we will end up turning to ourselves to create our path. Experience is the true guide because we are different from each other, and nobody can know precisely what is best for us. The more acutely aware we are, the more we will know ourselves and know how to continue. Does it make sense to you?
    And when we are alone on our path, are we really alone?

    • 5 Yvonne January 11, 2016 at 2:18 am

      My thoughts, feelings, senses exactly. You expressed it so beautifully
      So wonderful to be seen, heard and understood in this frame and the transitional space that is opening now.

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