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153. Right behind it is you


Upside down moon

Upside down moon

In this upside down world

Where shame is king

And the beauty of the evening moon

Breaks your heart

Isn’t it natural

That we choose to make art?

There is a mountain range up in the sky

And there is a mountain range down

We are just waiting for the bird

To sit on a bough

The bird who’ll come to laugh at me

For going again

In the same old rout.

This is about automatic behavior. An old program kicks in. You find yourself angry at someone and afraid. You desperately seek your connection to the eternal, but the subtle and kind all-that-is will never push his way in. You have to open the gate.

And you have done just this so many times already, but there is still some more. And right behind it, lo and behold, right behind it is You.

94. The swan song of the pain



Like calligraphy

As if it is a piece of writing

About something intense

That faded out

About pain that is now breaking apart

About new growth

That had a hard time growing

Because of the weight it carried

About an old support

That is now

Only a shadow of itself

About interactions

That seem to work as a story

How he escaped in shame

How he was wounded and lamenting

How he suddenly remembered a sad occasion

How he moved through villages in the fog

How he was like a child, discovering air

How everything kept disappearing

And only a feeling of growth and amazement


The essence of which is



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