127. The energies in the body and the thoughts that move them


The intention was to paint the inside of all the shapes in the drawing, And to come out with the colors at the top of the shapes. First let me do the way that each color comes out and up a little bit from its designated area, I said to myself. These are the tricky areas. So let me do them first. But when I finished, it looked good to me just as it was. The strong contrast between the lines inside of the big areas (where the olive green lines are, where the other green lines are, where the red lines are, where the darker red areas are and where the blue lines are) and the white, gave these areas a lot of energy, and together with the way the lines curled and bent, as if they were in the middle of doing something, there was so much life inside if the shapes. I liked it and did not want to change.

So what do I get from this?

For me it feels like the energy of life inside of my body, about to explode. No. Not to explode, but to do something big, to do something loving and beautiful.

I looked at the drawing a day later and I still liked it. So it was time to sign.


Everything is born out of thought.

My hand is the result of a thought. This is how it started and this is how it is being created again and again every very short time, like the way a movie is being created from some thirty pictures every second, that when shown continuously, look like something that moves naturally.

The thought that creates my hand has become a habit that is activated regularly. Based on another thought, which is the story of my life, images are chosen to create motion that will fit with the story of my life. I don’t know how all of this works, with all the details. If you want to understand it from the perspective of a human being, which is what we are of course, you will have many questions. And after they will be answered there will be so much more questions. The amount of details is beyond measure. We are dealing here with infinity, using our finite mind.

Whatever happened to my feet continues to happen so many times every minute. The minutes that have passed have gone out of my reach. Some people, who have the talent to see through the big consciousness of all of us, may visit these moments and see the process happening again. I think all of us can have (less controllable) access to past events in dreams, and in inner visions, connected to memories.

The habits of thoughts that keep creating the nerve damage and the resulting pain in my feet, started some 70 years ago. Do you think I need to visit that time in order to correct my thoughts and with the change of thought, the disease activity will stop?

But you see, the thoughts and the behavior of my energy, that creates this condition, are not those of seventy years ago. They happen right now, so many times every second. So it is enough to deal with what is here now.

There is still a lot to explore. But I’ll stop here. This is enough for one entry.


4 Responses to “127. The energies in the body and the thoughts that move them”

  1. 1 joni March 11, 2016 at 10:08 pm

    If spirit is the architect; mind the builder and body the temple then perhaps yes, withdrawing attention from the physical pain, erasing the mental blueprint (or rewinding screen capture in your metaphor) and reaching higher for a spiritual solution may effect a change: All three systems aligned would be my best guess.
    Being new to your blog, you may already know Carl Jung’s advice, “that which we resist, persists.” It’s a buggar, that.
    The good news is there is only now( it contains past+present) Surrender is absolute.
    I think we all help each other get home, and I find your drawing and writing illuminates some steps to truth.
    Thank you for gathering that which you do.

  2. 2 intuitiveflow8888 March 19, 2016 at 6:05 pm

    All three systems aligned. I agree. And how do you get there? You align with the highest. The rest will align itself.

    • 3 joni March 20, 2016 at 9:24 pm

      As spirit resides outside the body we are individual tuners then, receiving that which we can and that which we choose. Practically speaking, to open all circiuitry (conscious attention) to the fullness that Is plugs one into the communal flow. Such times are short yet effective: While in that sweet spot, generate warm feelings of thanks giving
      your neurons opportunity to reconfigure.
      Each subsequent sessions becomes easier + more rewarding both short and long term.

      • 4 intuitiveflow8888 March 22, 2016 at 3:30 pm

        Hi Joni,
        I’m doing it. Thank you so much. I’m happy to have it confirmed.
        In this way, healing becomes just one part, and not even the most significant part, of living fully.
        Makes sense?
        I feel you know this deeply and it is so wonderful to read.
        The body and everything has intelligence. The body is intelligence indeed. And when you dip in the natural state, this natural state is what informs the body about how to be. So true, so wonderful, so lovely.
        And the way to dip in the truth is that the personality mind has to accept the natural state by aligning with it. Otherwise you can’t dip in it. And in this way you have the alignments that you spoke about before.
        The personality mind turns out to be the infinite mind. The conditioning becomes irrelevant, and there is only one everywhere.

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