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239. The veil


I looked at painting 7/3/16/A.

I started to read it again. Yesterday I read it psychologically (which you didn’t see), and the reading shifted to a bigger view of all psychology, as I’ve been doing lately. Obviously I am in a stage, in which I notice more and more the superficiality of the psychological realm altogether. I understand my meditation teacher’s belittling attitude towards everything psychological. I was, at the time he was doing this, studying psychology as part of becoming an art therapist.

For most people the psychological view widens and deepens their understanding of the human being. It was so for me too. How amazed and thankful I was when I realized that I could read all this hidden treasure in people’s art. And I played in this field for quite a while, enjoying my ability to easily see what is hiding there, and my resultant ability to help people see their own subconscious activity and release its powerful control over them.

Then, very quickly I saw that if you release a lot, you will experience how it is to live with less inhibiting ideas blocking you from being free. The psychological relief became a path of spiritual growth. I tasted the joy that becomes unleashed. I lived the love that streams freely unburdened.

And at some point it became clear to me that those psychological features, the killers of joy and freedom, are the building blocks of the personality. Just a small dip in the non-physical aspect of life makes it totally transparent that this character, this personality, is just a bunch of habits. You look from a deeper place and see the inflexibility of these personality traits as they inevitably cause people to bump into each other quite blindly, respond to each other uncontrollably and create all the unpleasant situations that we know.

Then you realize that what is left in you once these psychological features are let go of, is so much better than these.

What can be better than love?

What is wrong with joy that does not depend on circumstances, but is your inherent essence?

The whole psychological realm starts to look like a veil or a filter that you can look through. At first the view is dim and then it starts brightening. The veil looses all its previous power. Your personal veil becomes just one of the infinite number of empty energetic shapes, that you create in your imagined thought-world. And because you love the characteristics of your essence so much more than the personality’s character, your world starts to reflect back to you what you already experience, the beauty, the creativity, the joy and love. These are what the world is becoming for you.




129. Fear

The nerves, as they heal slowly, going from closer to the spine toward the edges of the body, have come to the skin. Now I experience 24 hours of relentless pain every day. Every touching of the feet is like putting a match there. Some of my friends and family, who do not see it as I do, think that it is a worsening of the situation. But I am happy, as I see the progress and know that it is going in the right way. I turn and toss in bed for hours without falling asleep, but I am happy. At four I come to draw.



Already as I draw I know. It is fear. It is something in me trying to escape the lower parts of the body, where the pain is. It is an automatic reaction. I can go from one place, where the fear is felt in the body, to another and calm them all down. But by the time I finish the last place, the first is afraid again. I look at this from a wider perspective and now I know:

The pain is an expression of fear that has not been taken care of in time and gotten stronger and more insistent.

And I know more:

All that the personality is made of is fear. Check it out.

Everything that is courageous, curious, loving, playful, creative, accepting and peaceful, has to do with who we really are, our deeper, infinite being.

It is that simple.

This is why therapy, when it is effective and dissolves an issue of fear, to open the way for the nice states mentioned above, is a spiritual practice.


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